Register for the Weight Loss Challenge this Saturday!!

We’re going to have so much fun getting healthy in this new year! Fitness classes begin next week, nutrition/weight loss classes are getting lined up, and best of all you can sign up to be a part of the Weight Loss Challenge! The main goal is to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks, but really, so many other benefits come from exercise and a healthy diet! We will help you get on the right track with classes, personal training and your own health journal! See you Saturday!


  1. Register on Saturday, January 9, 8am-12pm at the BWC.
  2. Individuals OR teams of 2 can enter the challenge.

Cost per person:

$25 for members

$35 for non-members with access to BWC during City Office hours

$45 for non-members who want a key card for 24 access to BWC

  1. Weigh Ins: Saturdays: 8am-10am Must weigh in weekly to be eligible  for prizes.
  2. Challenge will last 10 weeks from January 9-March 19.

New this year:

  1. Nutrition Classes will be offered throughout the challenge! Dates and times to be announced.
  2. Journaling: You will receive a 10 week health journal to help you stay on track with your goals and measure your progress.


  1. Every participant who loses 10 pounds!
  2. Participant who logs the most hours at the BWC
  3. Team that loses 20 pounds (both have to lose at least 10)
  4. Participants who complete their health journal
  5. Participant who attends the most classes



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2 Responses to Register for the Weight Loss Challenge this Saturday!!

  1. Judy Heide says:

    do I qualify for this or not?

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