Gains and Losses

We have 31 participants in this year’s “10 Weeks, 10 Pounds” Weight Loss Challenge. Over 85 pounds were lost in the first week! But even more impressive is what we’re gaining: a positive self image, better nutrition, stronger bones and lean body mass, years to our lives…I could go on and on! Our fitness classes are booming and we’re having so much fun (right?)!

The cool thing about this year’s challenge is that we are all winners. This could be the toughest 10 weeks in our lives but we are working together and encouraging and motivating each other to reach our goals and win the battle for better health!


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3 Responses to Gains and Losses

  1. Anita says:

    I Have a question, when is construction to start on the new wellness center and when is the anticipated completion date?

  2. Judy Heide says:

    If I could get up off the floor faster at class!!!!
    Judy Heide LPN | Family Practice
    Hutchinson Clinic | Ph: 620.669.2527 |

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