Drink Water

Thwateris step should be the easiest to follow, it only invovles drinking more water.  However this step can be easy to forget and not do.  Drinking water is an easy way to lose weight and help your brain.

Water can help you lose weight by making you feel fuller.  If you drink a glass of water before you eat you might find out that you really where not hungry just thirsty and if you are hungry, then your body will feel fuller faster.  Water can also increase your metabolism.  When you are dehydrated your whole body slows down and you can not burn as many calories. Staying hydrated helps all of your body to function the way it should.

Hydration is key for brain function as well.  Have you ever noticed that sometimes it takes a little longer to process what is going on around you? You might be dehydrated.  The body works together best when all systems are running smoothly and that takes water to hydrate some of your systems.  Dehydration can cause memory loss and headaches.  Adding some water, and not just caffeine to your day when your are running a little slow will help you to function better.

If you are bored with water adding a little flavor helps.  Start with something simple like lemons and then go wild with cucumber and mint or any other millions of combinations you can think of!

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