If you made a New Year Resolution to lose weight and you have stuck to it this long CONGRATULATIONS you are 1 in a million , ok maybe not quite a million but it sure seems like it.  For the rest of us, and for you to, here are some motivational tips to hopefully get you back on the workout horse or keep you going in the right direction.

Make sure that you are scheduling your workouts, and keeping your appointments.  It is easy to let others get in the way of your workout, make sure that you have sat down and scheduled in time through out the week to workout and don’t break those appointments.

If you feel like your goal is totally unattainable or there is just to much weight to lose, go back to the beginning and start small.  Yes losing 100 pounds in a month is totally unattainable and not realistic, however if you have 100 pounds to lose you could possibly lose 10 pounds a month.  With that in mind do not rely totally on the scale.  Just because you did not lose 10 pounds this month does not make you a failure and you need to check other improvements, such as, clothes fitting better, more energy and fitness gains.

Has running become repetitive and boring and now you are dreading every workout?  Change it up, come do a fitness class, get online and find a weight lifting circuit, try biking instead.  In other words, if you are bored try something different and you might just find a new favorite exercise.

If your motivation is lacking it can be hard to get off the couch, find something you enjoy doing set some attainable goals and you make sure that you set time each week to workout to see the results that will keep you going!

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