Take your workout outside


With the change in weather comes a chance to get outside and get a good workout in while also enjoying the great outdoors!

An easy way to get outside is instead of driving , walk, run or ride your bike.  Headed to the BWC to workout, ride your bike, need to add some cardio to your workout head over to the waking path that is a mile long all the way around Wheatland Park.  Need to pick up a few items at the grocery store, walk or ride your bike instead of getting in you car, dropping off books at the library, walk them over and get some great fresh air in the process.  When you are in town try to walk or ride a bike as much as possible instead of getting in your car to run errands and you just might get some unexpected results.

You can also make getting outside a family affair by playing a game of disc golf, soccer, football, tag or just going for a walk together.  Having some family time outdoors is an easy way to get kids off their electronic devices and engaged in family fun.  Have a dog, add them in to the fun by taking them for a walk or playing fetch.

Already outside working out?  Add some bodyweight exercises while you are out to increase the fitness benefits.  Find a bench and do some step ups or tricep dips, at the track run the stairs.  Get to a stop sign and do some jumping jacks or lunges.  There are lots of ways to integrated some strength training into your walk or run.

The most important part of getting outside is that you enjoy the time you are out and getting some sunshine and exercise!


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1 Response to Take your workout outside

  1. Kyle Walker says:

    Great tips for staying active when it comes to outdoor workout. It is also a way to be closer to naure. Thanks a lot!

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