Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Buhler Wellness Center already open?

Yes.  We are happy to announce our new building opened in June of 2017.

Where is the Buhler Wellness Center located?

In Wheatland Park by the City Swimming Pool.

What are open hours of Buhler Wellness Center?

Keyless Entry is available to members for 24/7 access.

Doors are open for public tours and information when staff is available.  Contact Director to schedule a tour or for questions. 620-543-5905.

Does Buhler Wellness Center have any weight machines, free weights, or cardio equipment?

Yes!  Our new Wellness Center is large with room for free weights and equipment, cardio machines, indoor therapy and conditioning pool, an exercise room, and restrooms with lockers and showers.

What does a membership pay for?

A membership allows the individual use of all equipment, classes, indoor pool, exercise room, lockers and showers, and a free orientation to equipment.

A membership also allows a patron to purchase a keycard for 24 hour access.

How much is a monthly membership for an individual?

Joiner Fee

$30.00 – Due when you join BWC.

Single Membership

$25.00 – Monthly membership

$300.00 – Annual membership & Joiner fee is waived

Family Membership 

$40.00 – Monthly membership

$480.00 – Annual membership  &Joiner fee is waived

(Family membership includes 2 adults in the same household and children through the age of 18 living in the same residence.)

Corporate Membership

Contact Director . 620-543-5905 .


When/Where do I make my membership payment?

Automatic Withdrawal is available to all members, payment will be deducted the first of each month. Membership will be prorated from date of joining

Monthly memberships can also be paid by bringing a check or cash on the same day each month to the wellness center.

Cash and check payments can be deposited in the silver wall box inside BWC.

See Membership Form section to download and print forms.

I have more questions.  How can I get answers?

Call the wellness center at 620-543-5905.

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